Coding and Self-Realization

Whenever you set off on the process of learning something new, you’re also in a great position to learn some pretty profound things about yourself. I’m sure those will come to me eventually as I’m learning to code, but so far the really big thing I’ve learned is that I seriously cannot function without a good chunk of sleep each night.

I mean it. Learning to program requires so much concentration and this is especially true at the Flatiron School. Everyday we’re learning and working from 9 to at least 6 in the classroom and then we all go home and do some more. So not sleeping enough is a mistake I plan on only making once. Seriously, it was zombie bad the next day and with the speed we’re learning at, missing anything can set you back significantly. Plus why would I want to miss any of Avi’s bon mots? I don’t and you shouldn’t either. Sleep is key…and the value is learning stuff (Whoa, hash jokes already!).

In a similar vein, I’ve discovered that it’s also incredibly important to prioritize. I could spend an endless amount of time doggedly pursuing the answer to a single, frustrating question, but sometimes I have to stop because of that aforementioned sleep thing. For those who can sleep very little and function at full-speed regardless, I salute you (but seriously, don’t you enjoy sleep? It’s like so awesome. As are beds.) For me, I’m just hoping to prevent burnout before this 12-week adventure is over.